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Searching for Database?All over India database or any specific one. We will assist you in getting the right kind of database. Although, you can find any kind of database, you can still opt for our premium package - All India Database. There are businesses who have incorporated database marketing as one of the campaign to promote their products or services.


We are primarily into B2B Company Contacts Databases provider & Vendors in India. However, we also have category for City Databases of India, which includes some of the popular and commercial locations and categories such as HNI Database & Doctors Database. Contact us to get started with database you need.


When we talk about database we usually stumble up some useless database records, which is in market. Our Method of providing it a step towards upgrading quality & efficiency of the product. We periodically add new sets of records, verify them randomly and give them score based upon the verification module.




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Major Data Provider In The Industry With DaaS (Data-As-A-Service) As Its Core

Having Complied a Vast repository Database since our inception, we proudly identify ourselves as one of the major sources of business & consumer marketing data in India. IndianDatabases offers data for various categories ranging from simple contact data to a detailed list profile.

High Quality Data To Drive Up Your Sales & Marketing

Successful marketers understand the value of high quality data, which drive them better to get in touch with decision makers and make strategic decisions. With a highly-quality data campaign sales team will also reap the benefit as everything comes down to one thing: Business Growth.

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Data Verification

Standard Data Verification Methodology Ensuring High Quality Points

One of the most important points considered in performing data verification is to define good verification scopes. Our Standard Data verification & validation is done following a set of in-house rules, which ensure that the database reliability and validity is consistent throughout the batch and also involves identifying inconsistencies or any errors.

Connecting To The Right Customers Just Got Easier

A good marketing data is a key to establish a connection with your target audience. Whether it’s an upcoming promotion, a major product announcement, or an introduction of a new product/service, with the right kind of data at hand, a business can narrow down and create an effortless reach of their potential customers.

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